Common Mistakes Women Make When He  Says "It's Over"

Learn how to win your husband's heart back - even if he's angry, resentful and wants nothing to do with you right now.

Watch this Presentation to Discover How to Attract Your Husband Like NO OTHER Woman

Whether you're married or in a long-term relationship, this approach still works. Saving relationship is a matter of the heart, not a legal agreement.

A breakthrough came as I watched Larry's online video to wives.


"A breakthrough came as I watched Larry's online video to wives. Numerous times I threw my arms up in the air and yelled, "YES!!! THANK YOU!!!" because everything he was saying resonated with me! His recognition and identification of "Chaos Kids" caused me to have hope that his program could help me/us. Larry is the only person I have come across who gets it!! I am beyond excited!!"

The Environment Changer course is the best money I have ever spent when I invested in me.


Larry, I am serious about the role that you play in the success I experienced. The Environment Changer course is the best money I have ever spent when I invested in me and our family by joining. In fact I believe compared to the many emotionally powerful rewards I’ve received from this course, it was really cheap. I am an EC success story. I contacted you after signing divorce papers at my husband's request on Dec 7.

As I started your program a couple weeks later, those papers lay on the buffet and then on my dresser, even after I told him they were ready. I noticed in early February that they were gone. I let go of all expectations. I truly wanted what my husband wanted. It was all out of love, not my agenda but what would make him comfortable and happy. And as it turned out, as I suspected and prayed all along, he wants and needs me.

So a couple of weeks ago I received a letter from the District Clerk. It stated that "This cause of action (divorce action, husband vs me) be dismissed for want of prosecution.

Larry Bilotta is a relationship and marriage expert, author, and speaker specializing in midlife crisis, and the creator of a series of successful programs designed to help bring couples back from the brink of divorce — and coming back stronger than before. Through his Environment Changer courses for men and women, Marriage 101, and others, Larry has helped tens of thousands of people save their marriages and their sanity.

While Larry is not a licensed therapist, he spent years studying psychology, spirituality, and the science of relationships, and explored countless methods, from traditional talk therapy to all manner of workshops—until he had a breakthrough that changed his life and transformed his marriage.

Larry and his wife remained married for 40 years, until her passing in 2019. Through live workshops, talks, and online courses, Larry continues to teach his common sense, accessible, and proven approach to surviving midlife crisis, saving your relationship, and changing your life.

"Hi Larry, this program truly is incredible. I can definitely feel a shift occurring..."

ainsley smith - washington

"Hi Larry, this program truly is incredible. I can definitely feel a shift occurring in myself and in my world.  Work seems ‘easier’ and I have had a couple of trials of ‘trouble’ that allowed me to practice my EC skills with ease.  

 It is such an experience and such a spiritual awakening - something I have been searching for my whole life.  I am really focusing on my faith and trust.  I am manifesting small things in my world every day.

I am blown away by the divine power that I have within me that I kept buried away until now.  This program is a blessing and I cannot thank you enough for the gifts you have given me. Thank you!"

Student Success Stories

"...After 6 months, Kevin stopped the divorce and is planning to vacation as a family."

Kevin's wife was having an affair. He had no idea what to do. Since finding the Environment Changer course, Kevin has learned to manage the chaos in his life and find calm. While he admittedly still has work to do, after 6 months, Kevin and his wife are no longer getting divorced, no longer selling the house and planning vacation together as a family.

Kevin T.

Woodstock, Connecticut

"...After seeking help from Larry Bilotta, Kel and his wife Sam are remarried."

Kel is a divorce attorney concentrating in family law, who had counseled over 1,000 couples filing for divorce. Like his clients, he headed down the path to divorce.  After seeking the help of Larry Bilotta and the Environment Changer program, today they are remarried - closer and happier than they have ever been before.

Kel S.

"After Bob's wife moved 2500 miles away with another man, he attracted her back and she is leaving the other man to come home."

Bob's wife was involved with another man. He threw himself into the Environment Changer course. After improving his life professionally and personally, he completely changed his relationship with his in-laws, family and finally his wife. His wife moved 2500 miles away, but he attracted her back and she is in the process of leaving the other man. Bob concluded it is not just about saving the marriage, but a whole new way of life.

Bob S.

North Central, Massachusetts

This program saved my marriage.

janelle Whitlock

This program saved my marriage. I’m so grateful to my husband for seeking it out. It not only saved our marriage, it saved me from a very destructive path. I have learned so much and we have a whole new life ahead of us. Thank you Larry!