3 Mistakes Men Make When their Wife Says "It's Over"

Learn How to Win Your Wife's Heart Back...Even If She is Angry, Resentful, and Wants Nothing To Do With You Right Now

"I watched your online class and it changed my approach. My wife is clearly a Chaos Kid and I was from a stable home. We've been married over 17 years now and I no longer recognize my wife. She is so “lost”. This training was more helpful than YEARS of counseling. Thank you Larry."

- Damon W.

If you're in a long-term relationship, but not married, you can still benefit from applying for the call below. This is a matter of the heart and a legal agreement is not critical for this to work.

Success Stories

"...After 6 months, Kevin stopped his divorce and is planning vacation as a family."

Kevin's wife was having an affair. He had no idea what to do. Since finding the Environment Changer course, Kevin has learned to manage the chaos in his life and find calm. While he admittedly still has work to do, after 6 months, Kevin and his wife are no longer getting divorced, no longer selling the house and planning vacation together as a family.

"...After seeking help from Larry Bilotta, Kel and his wife Sam are remarried."

Kel is a divorce attorney concentrating in family law, who had counseled over 1,000 couples filing for divorce. Like his clients, he headed down the path to divorce.  After seeking the help of Larry Bilotta and the Environment Changer program, today they are remarried - closer and happier than they have ever been before.

"...After suffering with anxiety for 17 years, within 1 week, John discovered the cause of all of the pain and chaos in his life."

John had sought out help from counselors for over 17 years. In the first week, he discovered the cause of all the chaos and problems in his life. He used to wake up with stress and anxiety. John says Larry has done more for him than any doctor or psychiatrist over the course of 17 years. Today, John is in a good place mentally, physically, spiritually - and knows what to do when anxiety and frustration sets in.

"... Josh and his wife are now getting back together again as a married couple."

Josh in Houston found the Environment Changer program after his wife Kristy filed for divorce. He was suffering from depression. The EC program gave him a course of action that helped him mentally focus and become an Environment Changer.  Josh and his wife are now getting back together again as a married couple.

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