You've done everything you can to save your marriage.


You've gone above and beyond, to impossible lengths, thinking that if you could just do more... could make a difference.

You've done everything you can to save your marriage.


You've gone above and beyond, to impossible lengths, thinking that if you could just do more... could make a difference.

You've tried...

  • Saying “I love you,” hoping you’d get the same response
  • Buying your spouse gifts or making a show of your affection in other ways
  • Doing more chores or projects around the house, hoping they’d notice
  • Making a rational argument about why you should stay together
  • Flat-out begging

Here's the problem.

Every one of those things can speed, rather than delay, your collision course toward divorce.

What you don’t realize is that everything you think will help, won’t. 

These attempts to keep your marriage intact do little to bridge the chasm between you, and instead make it wider and deeper.  

How can this be true? Aren’t you a good person with good intentions? Don’t you love this person and want the best for both of you?

Yes. Which is why even the most well-intentioned shifts in behavior won’t help—and why the more people try them, the closer they get to divorce.


As a marriage and midlife crisis expert, I’ve seen this play out over and over.

About Larry

lt’s like watching the movie Titanic today and hoping it ends differently than it did yesterday.

Words and behavior are overrated - and cannot fix your problem. 

You might think, if only he’d say this, if only she’d do this. Then everything could be fixed. (Nope.)

I understand the instinct: You have been told that words hold weight, and that actions speak louder than words. And so you’ve done a little, or a lot, of both, thinking that if you could say or do the right thing, things will change.

But they won’t — not because you don’t mean it, but because it doesn’t come close to addressing the root of the problem.

If you’re afraid you’re headed for divorce, any one of these things is like hitting the gas instead of the brakes. Find out why — and what to do instead.

Cynthia P.

"Larry helped me validate a belief that what appears to be uncontrollable behaviors are not inevitable or unchangeable. The conversation was well worth it! I appreciate what he does and it will certainly carry with me from here on. Thank You!"

Thasia G.

"I had my first call with Larry in about 8 years. I reached out because I wanted to share how completely happy, calm and successful I have been because of Larry's teachings. I live EC every day. Thank you so much."


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Take It From Me. I Lived Through Hell.

For 27 years, my marriage was simply unbearable. It wasn’t just loveless; it was antagonistic. We both felt trapped and unhappy, with no way out.

That is, until I turned it around in the 28th year and transformed it into something better than either of us thought was possible.

  • And I didn’t buy her flowers or cards.
  • Or help out more around the house.
  • Or tell her over and over I loved her.
  • I didn’t guilt or threaten her. Or try to make her see things “from my perspective.”

Richard C.

"I just wanted to share that I appreciate how Larry keeps me focused and positive. He inspires hope without fluff."

In fact, I Didn't Attempt to Change Her At All. I Stopped Being a "Pinball".


And then EVERYTHING Changed.

I’m not special, and neither were my circumstances. That’s how I know this works.  I’m willing to bet that you’ve tried one or all of them, and not one of them worked (or not for long).

You have nothing to lose by gaining a new perspective. And everything to lose if you continue to do what you’re doing.

Desperation doesn't work. Neither does an appeal to "rational" thinking.

Find Out What Else is Working Against You.