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You can’t change your past, 


By neutralizing negativity and easing stress and tension, you create a different world inside of you that draws the people you love toward you, instead of away.

For 20+ years, I’ve taught tens of thousands of men and women how to make a profound shift in their own minds and bodies that determines how their relationships, and their lives, play out. Here are my most popular course offerings, available to you right now.

How to Survive your Spouse’s Midlife Crisis

Has your spouse become unrecognizable to you? Has she turned into someone else? Is he hostile, irritable, and irrational? This online course walks you through the signs, symptoms, and steps for surviving it, and helping to hold your marriage together until the storm passes.

Environment Changer course: For Men

In this interactive course, discover what’s driving her away—and how to save the marriage, the woman you love, and your sanity. Includes a combination of live and recorded sessions.

Environment Changer course: For Women

In this interactive, three-month course, you’ll find out what’s causing the mayhem, and how to reverse course so that you can have the love you know back again. Includes a combination of live and recorded sessions.

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Marriage 101: Couples 

In this 2-hour live, interactive course for couples, I’ll show you how to support one another, based on your individual top motivators. Gain new insights into what’s driving your unique emotional makeup, based on an assessment you’ll both take prior to the call.  

Private 1-Hour Introductory Session with Larry Bilotta

Whether you need guidance or Larry's assessment of your relationship, schedule a private 1-hour session to get answers. You'll get answers to questions you might have like "Is there still hope for us? My wife filed for divorce - now what? Should I move out of our home?" Questions on booking? Call Larry's office at 262-397-8766.

Softhearted Woman, Hard World (book + 2 audio CD)

The world is a challenging place for softhearted women who feel steamrolled and victimized by their circumstances. Learn the skills to strengthen your self image and take control of your life, your relationship, and your future.

My husband’s reaction to my new way of thinking was instant. I finally have me back.

"The Environment Changer course has helped me immensely. I was in a dark, sad place and your insight and guidance into unconscious thought and how to steps was the key I needed to save myself. My gratitude to you sharing this information seems impossible to express. My husband’s reaction to my new way of thinking was instant. It has changed my well-being and I finally feel I have me back.

For the past three years I thought I would never feel happiness again. Now I feel calm, happy and good about myself. As a chaos kid I feel my lifetime of pain and resentment and anger towards my parents has gone. I feel I could now resume a relationship with them. This is groundbreaking for me. I have stopped counseling as feel I’ve found this new path. Thank you truly Larry."

- Theresa s.

Your Environment Changer course has been so incredibly enlightening and life changing.

"I have been using all of your tools daily. There is no way to deny that its bringing positive results to both me, my kids and my marriage. The biggest and fastest change I have seen is within me. I am more confident and have truly let go of having my husband feed my happiness and internal peace. I am so much more calm and understanding with my kids and it feels so good.

Your Environment Changer course has been so incredibly enlightening and life changing. The progress in my marriage is undeniable. Moving very slow yet steady. Your teachings and understanding about the midlife crisis and chaos kids is just mind blowing to me. I am very grateful to have found you and your program. Thank you.

- Lori G.