I Like to Think of Myself as the Guy Who Makes the Complex Very Simple - Bringing Common Sense and Much-Needed Grounding to those Caught in an Undertow of Frustration, Anger, and Despair.

Larry Bilotta is a relationship and marriage expert, author, and speaker specializing in midlife crisis, and the creator of a series of successful programs designed to help people cope with the devastation of divorce—and in many cases, prevent it altogether.

Through his Environment Changer courses for men and women, Marriage 101, and others, Larry has helped tens of thousands of people save their marriages and their sanity.

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"Larry is amazing! I find his knowledge and approach fascinating. He gave me a lot to think about and it’s completely different than anything else I’ve come across. I felt inspired after we spoke. All of the tips provided by Larry have been so helpful and they all work!  I'm not stressed and I feel great actually."

Margaret H.

Larry is Available to Lead Live Workshops, Breakout Sessions or a Keynote at Your Next Event, and Can Speak to a Range of Topics, Including (But Not Limited To):

Midlife crisis, marriage, children & family challenges
Business topics such as finding the right candidate
The impact of childhood on long-term, romantic relationships
Divorce: the effects, how to avoid & prevent it
The fears and benefits of commitment         
Raising health, happy children in a turmoil-filled marriage

*Below is genuine feedback from students - names have been changed to protect privacy.

"This is the First Moment in Four Months that I Can Feel the Freedom of Guilt."

"I have to say after enduring this situation for four months, you have helped me tremendously to take away my sadness and guilt. Your work has truly given me the turning point from confusion and despair, to a clear, objective mindset to see this midlife crisis as not something to take personally, but to see as a condition that I did not cause.

I want to thank you. This is the first moment in four months that I can feel the freedom of guilt. Thank you so much."

"Our Marriage is Stronger Now than it’s Ever Been..."

"Larry, I want to share with you something fabulous. My wife and I were lucky enough to work with you . Five years ago when our relationship was in real trouble. My chaos kid wife was in the bog and crossing that snap line. I was up at the confused level wondering how did this happen and what to do.

Thanks in great part to you and your insight and your tools, our marriage is stronger now than it’s ever been. 20 years of marriage and we’re loving our world together more than ever. Thank you so very much. I can’t even begin to tell you how many couples we’ve sent your way over the years now!"

Kindest regards,

Paul e.

You Can Also Choose One of Larry’s Talks:

Larry Bilotta giving presentation
  • The Chaos Kid Factor: The mysterious cause of divorce — and what you can do about it
  • After the affair: Gluing your love life back together
  • The Cheating Gene: How infidelity is inherited — and how to free yourself and stay loyal
  • The Future of Marriage: The challenges and fears surrounding one of society’s oldest institutions
  • Screwed from Youth: How childhood decides the state of your marriage—but you’re in control of its fate
  • Cycle of Chaos: Stop tripping over the wires of childhood trauma
  • Get Unstuck: Master your mind and defy the divorce statistics
  • What you should know about the origins of midlife crisis (and what to do about it)
  • In your own way: How your subconscious mind is blocking the path to happiness
  • Reversing Divorce: The surprising connection between physics and marriage
  • You don’t have to fight: How what you’re doing to hang onto your marriage may be destroying it
  • The science behind childhood trauma and midlife crisis
  • Are you at risk of divorce? How to know and what to do about it

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