Podcast Interviews

Listen to Larry share insights on all things marriage, relationships, and self-improvement.


How to Fix Your Marriage

Larry explains why couples lose intimacy in their marriages and how it affects them and their family. He emphasized that acceptance for every tiny little thing becomes the key to having the marriage that you want. This doesn’t only apply to marriage and relationships, but also to other aspects of our lives.


The Matrix of Marriage

Whether your marriage is in a rut, a rough patch, or a full-blown crisis, this episode will change everything you thought you knew about being married. Larry will shift your perspectives about the core problems between husbands and wives using the movie The Matrix as an analogy. Learn the hidden dynamics of relationships and how you alone can save your marriage by changing your programming.


How Childhood Messages Shape Our Relationships

Larry Bilotta talks about how the messages we hear in childhood shape how we experience relationships as adults. They talk about what those messages sound like, the solution to them and how to take ownership of them.


How to Keep the Wrong People Out of Your Life

Larry shares the secrets to keeping the wrong people out of your life and how to keep your relationship alive.


Overcoming a Loveless Marriage

Larry explains why marriage problems exist - it's not what you might think. Larry classifies the root of these problems into three separate categories with two types of problems in each category.


How to Save Your Marriage

Larry shares his tips on how to save a troubled marriage.


How to Drastically Change your Experience in Relationship

Larry and Dr. Jessica Higgins discuss the hidden danger of becoming your parents. They also cover the conflict couples experience with old programs, that little voice inside your head, and the importance of learning from pain rather than running away from it.  Learn four steps of working with “against energy" and more.


Save Your Marriage, Save Yourself

Bill talks with Larry about how the programming we undergo at a tender age runs riot when we get married. Larry talks about the traps we fall into and the way out.


Save Your Marriage, Save Yourself

Once upon a time, Larry hosted a podcast radio show. Listen to Larry interview a wide variety of guests to get his fresh perspective on all aspects of life - from step families, to parenting, mother-in-laws and more!


Dignity in Marriage and at Work

Joe and Co-Inventor of Dignify, Larry Bilotta discuss what dignity is and what it looks like in marriage and at home. Joe's vast experience coaching leaders combines with Larry's years of coaching marriages. This episode will truly engage your mind as we reflect on the impact your first 10-years of life has on who you are, how you love and how you work. A fascinating look at how dignity bridges the gap to healthy relationships at home and healthy marriages.

Video Interviews

Larry discusses what destroys a marriage and explains midlife crisis.