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midlife crisis ROADMAP

How to navigate your spouse's midlife crisis

Finally, a way to make sense of the sudden, dramatic changes in the one you love.

midlife crisis roadmap guide

It's as if it happened overnight.

Your spouse or partner has suddenly become a different person. Are they just a narcissist or is there something deeper at play? Midlife crisis is a widespread phenomenon - yet WIDELY misunderstood.

Some counselors deny midlife crisis exists, others who experience it up close and personal come to realize this is a real life event that happens for a specific reason.

Download the midlife crisis roadmap to learn what it is, what to expect, and when this nightmare be over.


midlife crisis roadmap guide

How to navigate your spouse's midlife crisis


The 7 stages of midlife crisis

From emotional collapse to awakening - learn what phase your spouse is in through a visual roadmap.

Common signs of midlife crisis

Identify your spouse's midlife crisis stage and the signs to watch out for.

Common mistakes to avoid

Prevent unnecessary setbacks by avoiding these common mistakes.

When will your spouse wake up?

Learn the variables that can lengthen or shorten a midlife crisis.

What to expect when the fog lifts

Find out what happens when your spouse is nearing the end of their midlife crisis.

Are you making things worse?

Your initial reaction might be to rationalize with your spouse or partner.

Then, as you get desperate and feel them slipping away,  you beg, plead, and ask others to talk sense into this person you don't even know anymore - yet have lived with or been married to for YEARS.

What works in a normal marriage doesn't work with a spouse in midlife crisis.

It's a whole different ballgame. Isn't it time for a new approach?

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Larry Bilotta, Midlife crisis expert

About Larry Bilotta

My name is Larry Bilotta.

I've spent I've spent thousands of hours over the past 22 years working with men and women whose spouse has fallen into a midlife crisis. 

I know this problem inside and out. I know the crippling pain and trauma you're experiencing.  I know the tremendous weight of not not know what’s happening to your marriage keeps you up at night.

I know what it’s like to be the spouse on the receiving end of this new chaotic world, a world you never expected or predicted you would have to face, but now you are.

And I want to help you make sense of this.

Erica P.

"Thank you for all of the materials you provided and insight regarding midlife crisis and chaos kids. Before I came across your website, nothing I read really captured what I was going through.

Reading your material and watching your videos has been life changing for me as it is exactly what I am experiencing with my husband.  

I feel so much relief and instead of anger and frustration towards my husband, I now feel compassion and understanding."

Justin C.

"Reading this lets me know that I am not crazy. I hit the brakes and stopped pursuing my wife.  

I am no longer allowing her chaos to rule my everyday.  I am so thankful for this information.  It has helped me put a calm to my inner storm. I know you didn't ask for all this but I am beyond appreciative."


midlife crisis roadmap guide

How to navigate your spouse's midlife crisis

Jessica A.

"Your roadmap sure did help a lot. Before this, I have NEVER heard about midlife crisis until it happened to my husband. Since then, I've been reading a ton about midlife crisis. Your guide gave a very comprehensive detail and its really helpful."

Vanessa R.

"Your roadmap guide was right on point. 

Currently going through this with my husband, your insight has provided hope and reassurance of the changes I see happening in him at this time. Thank you so much!"